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Etymologically, weak sauce was born in Long Beach California circa 1996. It was inspired by the G Love song "My baby got sauce" to which the adjective weak was added and a neologism was born. I used the term intermittently and was surprised when, two years later, I was visiting northern california and heard it used. Since then, it has spread and false claims as to it's origen have been made.

The full usage is now commonly considered passé. Currently, in Long Beach, sauce is an acceptable description of something thats shitty. It is interesting that G Love's "sauce" was a good thing and it has in fact become a polar term.
person A: the food at baja sonora is weak sauce.

person B: it's worse than sauce, that shit had me urinating out my asshole all night.

Person A: I think it's their enchilada sauce (unrelated).
by paul mathus January 13, 2006
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British slang expression for the act of attempting to pleasure a female by flicking her clitoris, or bean, with the flicking finger of choice. Often used as a non sequitor.
"I hooked up with that muscly girl last night."
"D'you flick bean?"
"yeh man, it were a kidney bean size."

"Hey shaun, how's it going?"
"flick bean."
by paul mathus August 22, 2006
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a word the grew from the streets of long beach which combines the terms homey and amigo. It is widely used in the gang vernacular of Fifi's Cabinet of Long Beach (FCLB).
Wassup homigo you wanna go conmigo to get a burrito at britespot?
by paul mathus January 13, 2006
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A term used to describe an unshaved non-trimmed natural female pubic hair bush surrounding the vagina. Originating from the lips of L.G. out of Long Beach.
"Damn girl I just ate that poon and you got some salty lips."

"Yeh I get sweaty down there on hot days."

"Course your gonna get sweaty with that winter length cunt coat"
by paul mathus August 15, 2007
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a spastic style of dance that can be seen at sideshows and dance parties in Oakland, Ca.
"Then there is gettin' stupid, in which drivers or spectators dance spasmodically, sometimes on the hoods of moving cars."
-Los Angeles Times article "Deadly Swerves and Spins"

I'm goin' Andie's dance party this weekend get stupid though.
by paul mathus January 19, 2006
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