what up for people who can't spell...
Wat up dawg. I cant spell fo shit.
by -creed- June 25, 2004
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Tone Tone Wat Up Doe lyrics: "We gotta sayin in da D called wat up doe , in Atlanta dey say was haneneenn! H-town dey say, wat it dooo! wanna welcome yall to Detroit where we say wat up doe, so when u hear dis song i want you to say WAT UP DOEEE!!!!
by a3y1ra3b February 16, 2008
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Something someone says whenever anything happens and they want to kill the vibe.
Malcolm: This guy likes you
Girl: Sorry I'm talking to someone
Eleazar: Thats wats up
by Tennis Squad April 19, 2013
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a term started by Martin Jacob. Can be used as a friendly, while still being "cool" greeting. Can also be used it any sentence, when the user of the word is performing an activity.
1) yo mike, wat up son!

2) Playing poker you get a flush: (nice i got a straight, wat up son)

3) Playing World of Warcraft: (dude captainD, i just beat the lich king, wat up son)

4) Watching a football game: (Wat up son, the giants just scored a touchdown)
by martin jacob December 8, 2008
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hi, hello, what's up, what's going on. a Detroit phrase used to greet someone.
wat up doe my such n such.. or (answering a phone call from a friend) hello wat up doe my nig
by luckyking16 November 7, 2008
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