Eleazar is amazingly sweet and on top of that, adorable. You can't help but love him especially since he makes an awesome boyfriend. It's a challenge to be bored when you spend time with him and he's got to be one of the funniest people out there. You'll never meet a person with better vibes than Eleazar.
"I'm in such a good mood, Is Eleazar around?"
"Yep! Right there"
by 1'm Always Right December 19, 2020
Sneakerhead that likes to listen to mexican music. Enjoys being the center of attention. Very concited man who is always going to try to look hos best. He wears colored contacts because he thinks he looks cool. Very self centered, doesnt know how to show he cares. He would not mind having babys at a early age. Thinks low on hisself but always has a girl giving him confidence. Very large penis & enjoys sex.
Girl: Want to hang out later?

Eleazar: How about sex later?
Girl: Why not? Meet you at my house at 7pm.
by Squeler November 17, 2013
Likes to "fuck girls like hes paying for it"
Eleazar: "ohh yeah baby give it to me!"
Hot chick: "fuck me like you're paying for it!"
by Da Great! April 2, 2010
Biggest Slut Ever Born.

A Guy Who Will Always Look For Ways To Whore Himself Out

Likes To Hang Out With His Own Type (Sluts)
Guy : Hey Eleazar, What Are You Doing?

Eleazar : Sorry Can't Talk Right Now, I Have My Mouth Full (Penis?)
by xxMiggyxx May 6, 2009
A Mexican that thinks he's black, and his insane side comes out while he's playing uno. He loves the Joker because he gains insanity from him.
Yo I was playing uno with Eleazar the other day and that nigga went crazy.
by Mr. C13an April 4, 2019
loyal to A. Fortes.

loves A so much
by ECXAF May 29, 2021
Eleazar is a domincan boy who is adorable, funny,nice, amazing and someone you will never forget, one of the best things that could possibly happen. you wouldn't regret meeting and you would be so lucky to have him as one of these boyfriend, bestfriend, friends,brother and classmate. his smile makes me and other people happy. he doesn't realise it but he's handsome
Eleazar you're such a handsome and wonderful boyy
by unknown "i" April 22, 2022