1.To beat up in a fight

2.To win a contest against another person/team convincingly.
Chuck is going to waste Timmy after school today.
by BigJeff375 February 29, 2004
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Two versions of waste :

1. Someone who is jus a waste of space.

2. Someone who acts odd or wierd but in a funny way for them. They are different and see things differently. This version originated in Bishop Douglass School in Barnet.

1. Laura: I cant believe he still aint got a job
Paris: Hes waste man.

Random girl walks in

Random girl: i lashed three boys today
Laura & Paris: Errrrrr your a waste girl.

2. Paris walks up to Rival.

Paris: DEOXYRYBONUCLEIC ACID!!!!!! (this means DNA)
Rival: :O Why would you do that ? Your Actually WASTE!

P.S: The two girls writing this are also actually waste! (the second version)
by Paris And Laura =D December 31, 2007
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What horny short boys on Tinder who have no right have the audacity to call a girl after she gets scared to meet them and runs away even though she never lead them on and hates the app anyways
So you don't want to hang? Okay peace. Waste.
by Proflaker34 June 28, 2020
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You’re chatting absolute waste right now.
Did you hear what James was saying? It was absolute waste
by Rifa Suleyman December 23, 2019
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the act of disposing doop
That is SUCH a waste of doop.
by Jezca January 21, 2003
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