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This term is used to refer to canoeing that is unusually onerous and complicated due to any number of challenges such as strainers, shallow water, or too many portages. It is derived from the intense canoe passage traveled by and named for the Wampanoag Nation in Massachusetts.
Upon returning to civilization with a leech dangling from his ankle, dozens of mosquito bites and blood stained clothes, Sam's friends asked if he had just gone canoeing. "No, my friends, not canoeing. I have been wamping."
by flamingwhisper May 31, 2010
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Manual sexual stimulation of vagrants and hobos.

Tramp wanking
Alex awoke with a dry mouth and pounding head, he'd been at the cooking brandy again but even worse was the familiar crust on his right index finger and thumb... He'd been down to the underpass again...

'Gosh, better get a shower quick, if Sue finds out I've been wamping again she'll be apoplectic'
by benRAJ November 25, 2009
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The action of brutality and/or savagely killing other individuals in a repetitive manner during an online game of Call of Duty.
Exclaimation : "We're totally wampin this team."

Friend 1: "What are you doing tonight?"
Friend 2: "Wamping some noobs on the box"
by BrewinPheeners January 10, 2011
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Something you do to a box, open to interpretation i suppose, all i know is that cylinders (pneumatic obviously)are required and boxes (not sure if size is an issue) are present
Kevin was wamping the box while dimby bummed a fag
by DIMBY June 10, 2008
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