A state of euphoria resembling a brainless underwater creature usually caused by drugs, music, alcohol, or some combination of all the above.
Sheldon was so jellyfish that he passed out while standing at the EDM festival
by MalaysianSensation October 1, 2015
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Someone who has no spine, no balls. A person who never stands up for themselves or anyone else. Someone who would never admit to any wrong doing.
I cannot believe that guy, he's such a jellyfish.
by Bacita Mae Jenkins April 4, 2020
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A man that gets emotionally and mentally dominated by a girl. He is left empty and pathetic, like the common jellyfish.
"Hey, Jason's girl cheated on him and now he's acting like a complete retard saying he has nothing to live for, he's become a real jellyfish."
by Noah Vanderhoof June 6, 2006
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wet cum. When semen gets in water such as in a hot tub it becomes hard and looks like a jellyfish.
I jacked in the shower and left a jellyfish sitting in the drain.
by Libraryguy July 28, 2009
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A kind of faux five when you're going in to give someone a high five but quickly pull away, making your hand make jellyfish motions in the air while saying, "JELLYFISH!"
To add to the affect, apologize, then go in for a hug.
When they go in for the hug also, pull back and make the jellyfish motions with your arms while saying, "JELLYFISH!"

Known to be annoying as hell.
Kaitie: OMG! Highfive!
Courtiney: JELLYFISH!
Kaitie: ))):
by ROFLMAOWOTLK November 13, 2008
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An asshole fish that will kill you if you touch it.
Person swimming: oooo jellyfish
Person swimming: Ima touch it
De jellyfish: *sting* *zap* *kill*
Person swimming: *dead*
De jellyfish: hehehe he dead
by Josie :P August 15, 2013
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A weak and scared man with no heart or a brain who acts like a tough guy. However, they are clearly see through and you can see through their bullshit and weak ass act they're putting on.
Hey Henry, stop acting like you're a wise guy. You're a jellyfish, I could see straight through your lying ass.
by Lorenzo The Great July 16, 2021
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