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Breasts characterized by smallness of size, but with pointier, harder, and possibly longer nipples (similar in appearance to the raised area of skin after being bitten by a mosquito).
She's got a small rack, but you've got to admit, those are some cute mosquito bites.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
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1)A female suffering from undersized mammary glands.
2)An irreversible disorder that affects many unlucky women.
3)Small ass boobs; This may correlate with flat asses.
Blessy Thomas from Mesquite, Texas suffers from mosquito bites.
by Kootchie Patrol March 27, 2007
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Boobs that are extremely small. Boobs that are the size of mosquito bites
I'm a guy and i have bigger boobs than that chick... She's got mosquito bites...
by CoachGraham31 June 26, 2011
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(n.)(adj.)Small ass tities on a girl. Small boobs. Stuff those damn things. The 'Confusion' between a womans chest and little bumps formed on the skin. Usually an insult.
"That lovely woman has a nice bottom, but Mosquito Bites for tits." "Are those Mosquito Bites on your chest or your boobies?"
by Richard I. March 12, 2007
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