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if something hurts, it canes.
"I have a back ache, it really canes."
by Dan Knowles February 28, 2008
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Look, mother fucker, don't pour the cane! We need to save that for the sluts, remember? ...Sick fucking fiend.
by ignorant mofo June 02, 2003
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To do (something) recklessly and at speed

tr.v. caned, can·ing, canes
"...and Ayrton Senna has caned the hairpin"

"She just caned that whole bag of charly"
by Mark January 04, 2005
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a place where you can get an overpriced basket of dry chicken tenders, bland fries, and literally just bread with butter on it. it’s actually really good
person 1: canes is garbage but i’m always in the mood for it and i don’t know why
by holy maccaroni January 10, 2019
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to cane = to consume with vigour. Mainly used in connection with drugs and/or alcohol.

English only i think. 'Bosh' is often used in a similar way.

Also more frquently being used in connection with food, and money.

Also a caner is one who canes (esp. drugs) on a regular basis.

To be caned means being inebriated.
"I caned that can of lager"
"I caned five pills at that club last night"
"You caned that tenner I lent you in about half an hour"
"heres a a box of chocolates - don't cane them all yourself, share them out"
by malcahol May 25, 2003
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