That sound from Pac-Man. You know!
Doo doo doodoo...
wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka
by oxyhemoglobin April 20, 2006
A word in the quickish language, the language of those who believe in the quickness. Whenever spoken it MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST AWLAYS be repeated by all those who hear it. Failure to repeat it will result in death. If someone does not repeat the word, but is not caught within one week, upon capture, they will be tortured to death.
Citizen 1: "Wakka"

Citizen 2: "Wakka"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 7, 2004
Another "Old Australian" term, meaning something to the effect of "idiot."
{It sounds exactly like "whacker."}
Usually ties in with an adjective preceeding it, and this is usually something sarcastic, like 'great.'
"Scotty, ya great wakka!"
by beano June 30, 2003
Hmm... let's just say the really really really sexy jamacian accented guy from Final Fantasy X!
He is to great! I can't even that name in a sentence for all of us are not worthy!
by Sakura October 9, 2003
What you say to fill an weird, unsettling moment, in hopes of distracting a person of what is actually going on.
Phil (obviously distraught): My wife is sleeping with the mailman, my daughter is hooked on PCP and having sex with everyone in the neighborhood and I just found out my mother has cancer!
Bill: Wakka wakka!
Phil: Wakka wak-? What was I saying again.
by hermanator05 March 21, 2004
The classic catchprase of The Muppets funnyman, Fozzie the Bear.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Wakka wakka!
by Mystie April 26, 2005
wakka wakka wakka wakka....::munches pills:: wakka wakka wakka wakka...(continues repetitive music
by Savi April 28, 2004