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An alcoholic beverage, specifically any type of beer. It doesn't matter which, coz down here in Oz, no one gives a hoot, so long as you get pissed!
"Oh, bugger me, Scott! The pub's out of booze!"
by beano June 29, 2003

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An "Old Australian" word; an derrogatory term that means a "loud-mouthed idiot." Named specifically for the galah, a native Australian bird that makes a distinctive (and quite funny-sounding) call.
"Oh, Scotty, ya bloody galah! What are you ON ABOUT?!"
by beano June 29, 2003

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To act like an idiot
Wayne Gourley acts like a kneegrow
by Beano May 19, 2004

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state of being dedicated to one partner
john is monogaserious to janee
by beano February 09, 2005

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A teacher in North Carolina, around the Fayetteville area, that loves to fuck sheep. Can usually be found around farms at midnight.
"Hey, how come Curle is always sleeping in class?"
"That guy is out at night fucking sheep, cut him some slack"
by Beano April 14, 2004

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An Australian word, which is derived from a type of bird of that name (or so I'm informed) that lives down here. It was observed by the "Old Australians" as acting rather crazily, and thus an Aussie will call someone a drongo to say that they're an idiot. There are a number of alternative Australian pay-outs of this nature and calibre, such as clown, galah, wakka, minda, and many others.
"Scotty! What ARE ya doing, ya drongo?"
by beano June 29, 2003

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Another "Old Australian" term, meaning something to the effect of "idiot."
{It sounds exactly like "whacker."}
Usually ties in with an adjective preceeding it, and this is usually something sarcastic, like 'great.'
"Scotty, ya great wakka!"
by beano June 29, 2003

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