To relieve yourself of human waste.
Or, meaning the actual human waste itself.
Man, that boy just went and got doodoo in his pants!

Jeeze, you just stepped in dog doodoo!

I just went doodoo. I'm a big boy now!
by Gaming Lord May 14, 2004
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"Hey Steve, come over here, look what I bought. It's a Baby Ruth bar! You can have some!"

"Shit man, what you tryin' to pull. That ain't no Baby Ruth bar, that's doo doo."
by Melissa Mouse May 17, 2005
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an insult. ( mad ugly, annoying, retarded )

or shit/poop.
" come with me ? "
" nah, i dont feel like it. "
" uhh, you stupid doodoo. "

(someone walks into the room)
" damnnnn sonn ! you smell like doodoo! "


" wtf, yoo his face looks like doodoo. "

" ahh, damn i gatta go doodoo. "

" goddamnnn! who just too a doodoo
in the toilet and didnt flush ?! "
by marisssa(: July 28, 2008
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an alternate word for poop usally used in association with dogs
this crack head broke into my car right and you know what he stole? a fuckin candy bar! so im driving all around my neighborhood looking for a crackhead with chocolate on his face. i found him and i was like:
"whats all this chocolate on your face.....motha fucka?
"chocolate? this is doodoo baby!
Quoting dave chappelle
by dudeus maximus February 28, 2007
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A word meaning poop. Very funny when someone says it by mistake.
"So thats what you should do"
"thats what i doodoo"
"HAHAHA you just said doodoo"
by jimmy2000 February 26, 2007
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