Dung; caca; fecal material referred to in a childish vein; trouble but not real bad trouble
"We're in deep doo-doo, now, Mr. Bush," she whispered anxiously.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
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To relieve yourself of human waste.
Or, meaning the actual human waste itself.
Man, that boy just went and got doodoo in his pants!

Jeeze, you just stepped in dog doodoo!

I just went doodoo. I'm a big boy now!
by Gaming Lord May 14, 2004
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The product of a loose bowel movement, usually associated with stomach cramps caused by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.
"Shaquishia, girlfriend, I love me some of them 13 original herbs and spice up in that KFC"

"Word Yolonda but it sho' make me have to doo doo!"

"Say what girl? You say you gots to doo doo? Shoot!!!
by Jamiewashere May 14, 2009
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Child's euphemism for 'shit'. Up until the late 1990's, about the strongest version of 'shit' you could refer to on network TV (Family Feud, 1970s).
Richard, can I say 'doo doo'?
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
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"Hey Steve, come over here, look what I bought. It's a Baby Ruth bar! You can have some!"

"Shit man, what you tryin' to pull. That ain't no Baby Ruth bar, that's doo doo."
by Melissa Mouse May 17, 2005
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A big poopoo that comes out from the anus. It falls out like a meteor out from the anus, and tidal waves into the sea of stinkyness.
"Look at the doodoo. Its brown."
"James:Ahhh! Anaconda!"
"jack:No thats my doodoo."
"He be gone doodoo in his pants"
"Doodoo on the floor"
by hanes July 11, 2004
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