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any EMT, Firefighter, Rescue worker who enjoys his job simply for the pleasures of:

A - Hearing their own voice on the radio
B - Using the lights and sirens on the ambulance/firetruck
C - Using lights and sirens on their personal vehicle
D - A lifetime subscription to Galls because of the sheer amount of stuff ordered from them
E - Having more stuff on their work belt then Batman
F - Only showing up (whether they were dispatched or not) for 'good' calls (car rollovers, structure fires, High angle rescues)
He is such a frikin' whacker!
by Dave K December 06, 2003
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A person that sits in their parents basement listening to scanners, and posting the information on their shitty firewire, or emergency alerts facebook pages.
by fdjs365 July 30, 2013
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An individual with an extreme obsession with anything involving the Fire Service. one who becomes overly excited over any emergency call just so that they can over assesorise there vehicle with lights, sirens and mobile radios. from trees down to working structure fire's they use any means nessisary to be the first on scene (ie. driveing past the fire house in there own vehicle with out the life saving equipment at the fire house) Also known as a Ambulance chaser who listen to the emergency radio waiting for an emergency call to either observe or try and take control of the situation weather they are called or not. these people usually are undertrained and usualy are not to brite. They obsess and glout the fact that they have the title Probationary Firefighter or EMT but they never care to mention the Probationary Part! are usually probies and wanna-b's
Cory is such a whacker! he stays at the fire house all day and waits for calls. Just the other day i seen him sitting in the fire truck playing with the tools, he even turned on the lights and sirens!
by Libertysccr2 December 06, 2011
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EMT, Firefighter or EMT\Firefighter who has a lot of flashing blue or red halogen, strobe or L.E.D lights on their vehicle so that you can see them from a mile away, has at least 1 mobile\hand held scanner or two way radio, wears their squad jacket everywhere in the winter, wears squad\fire department t-shirt every day in the summer. Can be easily spotted by the presence of several pagers on their belt from several different fire departments and\or squads because they want to claim that they run more calls than anyone else. They don't just show up for the good calls, but they get especially excited upon hearing the words "structure fire" or "MVA with entrapment". Often the first person at the squad building or the firehouse when the call goes out because they were listening to their scanner or radio.
Firefighter 1: Hey, man, have you met the new guy yet?
Firefighter 2: Yeah, he's already a member at 2 other fire departments before he joined here.
Firefighter 1: What a whacker!
by Jay Dog January 29, 2010
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Geeky person who longs to be a police officer or anyone of authority or importance. Usually has a car with antennas and lights with no authority to do anything. May have a police scanner hanging from his/her belt.
The Crown Victoria with the antennas and lights belongs to a whacker who lives down the block.
by Ham1369 September 26, 2009
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A volunteer fireman who focusses life on being a frieman. They often brag and like to tell people the are a fireman and over accessorize when it comes to lights and antennas on their cars
Chris Simpson is such a whacker, all he does is go to fires
by Dave Corrigan December 07, 2004
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A wannabe hero, usually a fat guy that has four devices hanging off his belt.
Look at those whackers. They have nothing better to do than pretend their some great person.
by briteopia February 13, 2007
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