any EMT, Firefighter, Rescue worker who enjoys his job simply for the pleasures of:

A - Hearing their own voice on the radio
B - Using the lights and sirens on the ambulance/firetruck
C - Using lights and sirens on their personal vehicle
D - A lifetime subscription to Galls because of the sheer amount of stuff ordered from them
E - Having more stuff on their work belt then Batman
F - Only showing up (whether they were dispatched or not) for 'good' calls (car rollovers, structure fires, High angle rescues)
He is such a frikin' whacker!
by Dave K December 6, 2003
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Someone who has an extensive amount of emergency lights, police equipment, and antennas, legal or illegal, on their personally owned vehicle. This person typically has several excuses to justify their “equipment” usage or installation, and often try to find reasons to use them. Whackers normally get extremely hostile when confronted about their lights. The average whacker is a 16-30 year old scrawny or overweight male, who is in some sort of community safety club, like a police explorer or neighborhood watch. Most whackers have the lights because they enjoy the power trip they get when they are perceived to be a police officer. Most, if not all whackers suffer from severe superiority complex issues, as they lack any sort of power in their job or personal life.
Guy 1: “Todd just bought amber visor lights for his Crown Victoria
Guy 2: “He did? He just bought 6 fake antennas for the car yesterday”
Both: “what a whacker”
by tonypepperonio March 24, 2021
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Geeky person who longs to be a police officer or anyone of authority or importance. Usually has a car with antennas and lights with no authority to do anything. May have a police scanner hanging from his/her belt.
The Crown Victoria with the antennas and lights belongs to a whacker who lives down the block.
by Ham1369 September 26, 2009
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A wannabe hero, usually a fat guy that has four devices hanging off his belt.
Look at those whackers. They have nothing better to do than pretend their some great person.
by briteopia February 13, 2007
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Anyone who amasses a collection of amber or white flashing strobe lights for their vehicle so they can pretend they are important. This may also be accompanied by an antenna or black rims. Whackers are a problem because they dilute the already fragile emergency signal, which is used to serve communities by police, and fire/rescue services.
Stupid Whore "Danny is that the police, shouldn't we pull over."
Me "Nah, is just a whacker, I'll throw on my red strobes from the VFD and scare him off. Then give me a BJ."
Stupid Whore "Alright!!"
by foreigncarssuck January 9, 2008
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"That whacker has so many blue lights on his vehichle!"
by Cara October 12, 2003
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Noun to describe a person of an urban subculture in the Republic of Ireland, more so males. Characterized by but not limited to involvement in petty crime, anti-social behavior and certain fashion trends such as wearing excessive gold jewelry, wearing Burberry branded clothing and wearing sports type clothing. Was used predominantly in the cities of Cork and Dublin. Usage of the term has died out but not completely. Similar in meaning to the more popular and British originated term chav but the whacker type person could be considered more 'street'. Etymology unknown and Origin unknown, most likely late twentieth century
Don't walk home that way, there's usually a gang of whackers hanging around there.
by KGGS2 August 6, 2011
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