Verb - to organize pictures and other assorted shit on a sheet of paper.
We're not going to "waffle" anything. Get the fuck out of my art class.
by WhatDoIPutHereLol June 29, 2010
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Aren't waffles great??
YEAH...they're the best breakfast ever invented!!!!
by oavasjf June 09, 2009
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A really awesome person, who pretty much is loved by everyone, yet is over looked.
Wow, I never noticed but she's a waffle.
by Ivy2008 July 26, 2006
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A very popular type of breakfast food. People usually will put butter, syrup, or jam on it.
I like homemade waffles more. Those frozen ones taste like shit.
by claustrophobic chicken February 02, 2005
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It is a word used to describe a girl who is a nice slut. Slut is too much of an offensive word to call such a nice girl by just because she hooks up with many guys.
A: Penelope is such a slut.
B: No she isn't! She's a waffle.
by ShuffleSpot February 05, 2012
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1. (noun, also verb) A fart that hits the back of your testicles, tickling them on impact.

That was a crazy waffle I got in driver's ed.

An astronaut waffled in outer space and could still smell it.

by Farnagey UnButtons October 21, 2006
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waffles are a treat fit for a king!
I'm a fat lazy king....now im hungry slave fetch me some waffles.


(mouth full of food) oh my god this shit is good!
by yum yum eadumup good July 10, 2008
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