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by 1_WTC_Lock June 7, 2004
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What you help to do by voting 0 or 1 on a Flash submission on Newgrounds. However, it has to be done to a movie under judgement and receive a low score.
By voting 0, you have been involved in the blamming of "Super stick Flash-Vote 5"
by 1_WTC_Lock June 2, 2004
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An incident in the 1970s on the popular game show "The Price is Right" in which a contestant named Yolanda Bowersley is called to Contestants Row and her tube top falls off, revealing her breasts.
Yolanda Bowersly, come on down! You're the first four con--OH MY GOODNESS, Yolanda's TOP CAME OFF!!!

Janet Jackson wasn't the first to experience a wardrobe malfunction.
by 1_WTC_Lock August 31, 2004
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Simpsons character who has no confirmed real name. He tends to use a catch phrase of "Worst (insert word) ever."
by 1_WTC_Lock May 21, 2004
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Homer's loudest D'OH was inside the WTC towers!

by 1_WTC_Lock June 7, 2004
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to change sides on an issue. One day you support something, the next day you oppose it.
John Kerry actually voted for $87 billion in reconstruction funds before he voted against it. One of many cases of Kerry waffles.
by 1_WTC_Lock September 24, 2004
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