v. Known mainly in the computer gaming world for when someone plays for so long, fighting the need for sleep, they end up passing out face down on their keyboard. When they wake up, the keys are imprinted on their face resembling a waffle.
"He's been up for 2 days leveling his character, I bet he's going to waffle any second now"

"I'm so tired, I'm about to waffle in the middle of this raid"
by pandapastry July 11, 2009
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<User1> Im so fat
<User2> waffle !
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
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to change sides on an issue. One day you support something, the next day you oppose it.
John Kerry actually voted for $87 billion in reconstruction funds before he voted against it. One of many cases of Kerry waffles.
by 1_WTC_Lock September 24, 2004
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An extremely delicious piece of food which comes in two varieties: the 'breakfast' waffle (usually eaten with maple syrup), and the 'potato' waffle (usually eaten with a condiment such as tomato ketchup). Waffles are often given as presents to people
"I would like to eat something."
"Have a waffle."
"Thank you. Oh, this tastes delicious."
And so on and so forth.
by Quigley June 22, 2005
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A nice guy. (one day we were at dennys and realized that you always think about buying waffles, but then you always end up getting the french toast or something. It's not that there's anything wrong with a waffle, its just that the french toast is so damn tempting. So its the same for nice guys, it would make sense to go for one, but we never do. I mean, sure you'll leggo an eggo at home when nobodies looking, but yeah...)
Girl 1: Hey, why don't you go for Steve, he's so nice.
Girl 2: Ugh, yeah right, he's such a waffle.
by Pamela February 03, 2004
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A term used to describe something that is excessively awesome.
Jack: Dude that football game was totally waffle.

Joe: Fo' sho...
by George Pooshoes May 09, 2009
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