4 definitions by Juancho

1) antithesis of waffle
2) sad excuse for breakfast
3) inedible flap of ewww
WTF is your problem? Why the hell would you eat that pancake when there are waffles right there! Next time I catch you with a pancake your gonna get a heaping helping of unbridled rage.
by Juancho September 20, 2006
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This individual uses Skype or other videophone technology to relay live footage to a home viewer of sporting events, movies, or other live pay-per-view performances.
Bevis: Do you see that Skype Pirate over there in section 203?

Donnie: Oh yeah, that guy's date probably ditched him.
by Juancho September 04, 2014
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If the puritains ate waffles there would have been no Salem witch trails.
by Juancho September 17, 2006
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