try hard (generally referring to school) whose only goal is to seem smart and important in the eyes of their peers and administrators. some common waffle acts include but are not limited to
-asking how somebody did on an assignment just so they can say how well they did
-going ahead in the work and then make a big deal about it like by asking a question like "what if I'm already done"
-racing to finish every in-class assignment first
-answering every question with the intent of proving they know the answer
be honest everyone, we all have some waffle in us. its good to embrace this waffleness that we got, but don't let it consume our personalities
Ryan: "Yo Adam, How'd you do on the physics test?"
Adam: "Shut up Ryan you waffley ass bitch"
Ryan: *shame upon his elders*
by Ryan is my Bitch September 26, 2020
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Waffles are SNIFFELISHEIUS and you should try one :)
Boy: WOW THESE WAFFLES ARE SNIFFELISHEIUS!!!! It's even so good you can enjoy it in a bath like this women.
by picklejuice :) November 23, 2020
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The business end of a framing hammer, which typically leaves an imprint (resemling a waffle) on the lumber which is being businessed. Generally a poor choice for temporary or finish work.
Who used the waffle on this nail? We'll never be able to get it out at strike.
by Wayne January 27, 2004
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A newly created religion which involves complete devotion to waffles. There are 10 basic pillars known as 'The ten Wafflements'

This religion created on the 22 November 2007 has already picked up many followers via conversion from other faiths and has an even bigger growth rate than most other religions. Our god is not a figure but merely an object. It communicated to us through a burning waffle iron one cold day, it spoke of infinite knowledge and wisdom. It promises to bring us all a higher level of happiness for ourselves and our friends and family. To show your faith to the waffle god it simply requests a small donation every 22 of November to ensure the entire world doesn't collapse on itself into a flat waffle. It has spoken, now its your turn!
The 10 Wafflements:

1. thou shall follow in the footsteps of all waffles

2. thou shalt not commit wafflery unless holding a valid permit

3. thou without waffles is without life

4. regular tributes of waffles are required to stay alive in our world

5. thou shall not harm any waffle or they shall be waffled upon

6. committing adultery with another waffle is punishable by death using molten waffles

7. worshiping anything other then waffles is punishable by death and this shall be a slow death in a waffle sandwich with boiling syrup running down it.

8. confusing waffles with pancakes is considered treason which results in a shoot on site order against you

9. unsuitable use of waffles or stealing waffles will result in a punishment of rape by waffles

10. waffles rulez lolololololol

Follow these and you shall prosper. May the waffle be with you
by Disciple of the waffle November 22, 2007
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To get your face smashed in to the back of the cage of the cop car.
Cop: So John do you like waffles?

John: Yes, I love waffles.

*cop slams on brakes and John's face slams into the cage*
by rolenrules5 May 02, 2006
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slang for "wow fool"
If someone were to say something particularly idiodic, one might reply "waffle!"
by bryciey February 20, 2007
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"man, theres nothing better than having waffles in the morning"
"i know but wed all really like some breakfast now"
by PedroMG March 20, 2009
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