1. Belching or someone who belches a lot. Also "Belgian accent".
2. Speaking Belgian = to talk while belching. Also "Belgian accent".
1. Burt Farp embarassed me at the dinner party with his Belgian accent.

2. At the Christmas party, my life partner recited "There was an Old Man from Nantucket" with a Belgian accent. How embarassing!
by Jean-Claude VanDamme May 19, 2006
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international unit of craftiness / weaselness at 25 degrees C and 1 ATM pressure = 1 Belgian
Have you noticed that belgians are always being crafty when you work with them
by bob smith2 March 7, 2006
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Someone who likes to "play" with children too much, male or female, but usually male.
Potential Belgian: Man I think that girl last night was only 9
Ex-friend: That was a boy you damn belgian!
Potential Belgian: ah! thats why she only let me anally penetrate her.
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
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Any particularly revolting sex act (n); also:

go belgian (vb) - to perform such an act.
"My girl-friend let me give her a belgian last night"

"Hey, Mamma, you got a fat ho who'll go belgian?"
by fester March 31, 2004
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guy with 1337-skills in UT.
0wned everybody.
especially yOO.
usually compared with waffle.
Ck:"the big yellow ones,the sun."
Ck:"the big yellow ones,the sun."
by <3 January 29, 2004
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This is a variation off of the boston pancake in which the male partner defecates upon the chest of the other participant. However, instead of using the bottocks to pat down the steaming pile of shit, the testicles are used in their place. After the testicles have been adequately smothered in said feces they are plopped generously into the eye sockets of the willing partner. Note that the penis is not important in this position, simply drape it over the participants forehead and leave it be.
Sally and I were feeling pretty frisky the other day in school and decided to break out the belgian binoculars to spice things up a bit.
by pseudonomical platypus September 1, 2013
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The rumor that Belgians are extremely well endowed. Largely attributed to the intake of steak, mussels, fries, waffles, and of course beer. The average size for a male's penis worldwide is approximately 5.5in whereas the average size of a belgian male is approximately 6.4in.

See also the unfortunate Irish Curse.
Girl 1: "I hear Jacques has the Belgian Gift."
Girl 2: "Yea I know, I hear its over 10in long!"
by Joos V. August 10, 2006
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