For when you're so bored, you for some reason push all the keys on the keyboard from from the edges to the middle starting from the left
Man, I wonder if q\werptoyiua's;dlfkgjhz/x.c,vmbn is on the Urban dictionary.
by GrandDevo January 30, 2022

To pay a member of an ethnic community to whip one's testicles for sexual pleasure. Payment can be made by driving a 2010 red ford fiesta or by having sexual intercourse with anything that is considered mainstream.
My mate Glen got S L E W E D last night. He loves it though, he gets S L E W E D every night.
by JOhnTheMR.Funnyman September 6, 2010
You are bored with life and trying to find interesting definitions of a combination of letters in the urban dictionary. You alternated every key on the keyboard from left to right.
Guy 1: Hey, weren't you supposed to be studying for the exam?

Guy 2: `=1-203948576q\werptoyiu'a;sldkfjghz/x.c,vmbn
Guy 1: Ahhhh.
by tigrexhateclub June 30, 2021
W-hen the person you want to hang out with can’t hang out and all you’re doing

I-s laying in bed all day because they can’t hang out or they don’t want to hang out and your overthinking

E-verything because you think that they hate you because they might because You

N-ever know and

E-very little thing is making you mad because same
R-ight now which means that person is a wiener.
He’s such a W-I-E-N-E-R
by He’sawiener February 27, 2020