These initials stand for What Ever Major Loser. People can use this as a hand movement putting the right hand over the four head and but three fingers up in place of a W then E then M then two fingers for L. You can use this when you feel like yelling at a person but theres to words to say

(un-jonas fan that has never heard good music) : W E M L!
by OJD!YnahtebbethanY!OJD August 8, 2008
A cooler version of saying welp or well.
Eden: Hawhaw I can spend April fools pulling pranks on you.
Lydia: w e l p
by tommo tops March 31, 2021
damn bruh you're really this bored huh. If you want something to do, go play the Higher or Lower game (search it up).

"man just suck me off right here"
by bruhemoji December 15, 2019
w/f/e is an add on to w/e(What ever) meaning What Fucking Ever. Used for situations in witch one person doesn't give a shit about something someone else has to say.
Guy1: arent i just a big ball of confusion and retarted fun?
Guy2: lol
Guy2: retard has a D in it
Guy1: w/f/e
by Edwardo the great July 12, 2009
maulduune's w e e n o r is when a papi bembi makes a wocky slush and literally pours it on his w e e n o r
person: ayo he just did a maulduune's w e e n o r
by Xx_71_w e e n o r_71_xX January 22, 2021
The basic League of Legends hotkeys.
Q-W-E-R - Basic Abilities
R - Ultimate Ability
D-F - Summoner Spells
B - Recall (return to base)
Player 1: Hey what's your LoL hotkeys?
Player 2 Q-W-E-R D-F B
by ACEstrigon009 November 27, 2012