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(verb) 1. Somone who DGAF's so much they do not even use the full term. 2. It is the most extreme form of indifference one can express about a certain person, place, event, or situation.
Guy1:"Bro did you know that our womens gymnastics is taking on China for the gold medal tonight?!"

Guy2"Bro did you know I D-F about gymnastics?"
by CBBolts August 13, 2008
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meaning : da fuck

df means almost the same thing as "wtf" but,it's more flexible and,you can use it in more than one way.See example.
Example #1

Cisco:"D00d,that fucking car almost ran me over !"

Mike:"Yeah man,df kind of driving was that ?!"

Example # 2

Cisco:"Your mom was blowin' me real good last night ! XD"

Mike:"df dude !"
by Mikeisftw July 10, 2008
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abbreviation of date friend- used as a catch-all term, usually referring to a partner of unknown gender, or likely a non-binary person, or enby.
No gf or bf; only df:)
by MrSpork'sGal. November 29, 2014
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bih df
bestfrann: girl he jus broke up widd me
me: bih df wrong aid him he must be crazy

bestfrann:I'm sad
me:you can do better don't be sad like df
by btfw.k April 05, 2016
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DF LITERALLY MEANS "Duh Fuk"... I have nothing else to say about it, simple and easy.
"What DF is this?"
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 11, 2019
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Delicate Flower, usually used after a guy sees his girl hurt herself, calls her a DF, and needs to find a different meaning other than dumb fuck.
Guy: Of course not babe, DF means delicate flower. I can't believe you thought I meant anything else.
by Stickfigure d January 21, 2018
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1)Noun: Dumb-Fuck

2)Verd: Da fuck (the fuck) a lazy typists way of saying 'what the fuck?'
1)Shut up you df!
2)(Someone says something completely idiotic)
Response: DF?!?
by Carlie February 09, 2005
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