When you see a good hentai for the first time and check the artists to see the others but you already have it bookmarked.
Dude, I experienced a Jacker Vu ysterday night.
by Istolethatfromreddit64 October 11, 2020
Jonathan is what most people would consider a lost cause. In some cases, one could consider that he is even further than a lost cause to the point of a clown. He is the type of person to do homework during a test and sleep on the floor during class.
Jonathan Vu is beyond hope and a lost cause to his friends.
by Pappers123 February 24, 2020
A kinda tall asian guy that says he hates riot games but still can't get out of them. L bozo
Hey Alex Vu, stop playing Val you bozo
by Ikonik_delta341 February 8, 2022
a. Having a sudden sensation, upon meeting an incredibly douchey person, of feeling a rift in space-time, whilst thinking you've met this person before.

b. An obnoxious individual who seems to cheaply imitate the swag of someone you know.
Jenn: (whispers) Doesn't this guy remind of Bobby?

Trish: (whispers back) Yeah, I'm totally having douche-a vu right now.

Jenn: Me too!
by Hey Geez December 6, 2014
1) A creature of the feline family who is usually found in urban areas of Southern California.
2) A person who considers herself a paradox.
3) A person who is really awesome.
1) I saw Lan Vu dart past me the other day, as quick as someone on a track and field team.
2) I have run into Lan Vu several times, and she exhibits qualities and traits that contradict each other.
3) I was at a tennis court the other day and saw Lan Vu come out victorious against her opponent.
by VicMissesYou February 24, 2007
Whoja vu is to people as Deja vu is to events.
That eerie feeling you've met someone before, even though you just met them for the first time
"I swear, I've met him somewhere before, but there's no way I could have. . . "
"huh. well then you're just having Whoja vu. go with it."
by Magster Dragster November 29, 2016
1. (noun) The incredible lack of interest one experiences after someone just told them that they had deja vu. Coined by Greek-American comedian Demetri Martin.
2. (interjection) Expletive showing frustration at the lack of interest one experiences after hearing about someone else's deja vu.
Person 1: Dood i just got super bad deja vu!
person 2: Really man? thats crazy. (under his breath) "blabla vu".
by rieyin April 12, 2010