Déjà vu is the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. The experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness. The “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.
Dude, I get Déjà Vu all the time.
by PineappleJuice March 25, 2015
Gayja Vu occurs when one realizes that not only are they in fact homosexual, but they may have acted in a homosexual way or perhaps have been a homosexual their entire life, giving that person an eerie sense of homosexual familiarity.

If we assume that the experience is actually of a remembered event, then Gayja Vu probably occurs because an original homosexual experience was neither fully attended to nor elaborately encoded in memory. If so, then it would seem most likely that the present situation triggers the recollection of a fragment from one's homosexual past. The experience may seem uncanny if the memory is so fragmented that no strong connections can be made between the fragment and other memories.

Thus, the feeling that one has been gay before is often due to the fact that one has, in fact, been gay before. One has simply forgotten most of the original homosexual experience because one was not paying close attention the first time. The original homosexual experience may even have occurred only seconds or minutes earlier.

On the other hand, the Gayja Vu experience may be due to having seen homoerotic pictures or heard vivid homoerotic stories many years earlier. The experience may be part of the dim recollections of a homosexual childhood.
Deion watched his head coach kiss and caress his tender calves and thighs with an eerie yet distinct sense of Gayja Vu, as he realized that he had been enjoying similar situations throughout his entire life in school locker rooms.
by motelsix66 October 22, 2009
A vu ha is someone who expresses a high level of talent in a large number of fields, seemingly without any prior knowledge of the activity.
It took me forever to figure that out, but that vu ha sat down and did it perfectly the first time!

I'm never good at anything! I wish I could be a vu ha.
by Midas7g January 22, 2010

From DJ and deja vu, used ironically, DJ vu is the feeling one gets when one song is not followed by an expected song. DJ vu is frequently caused by frequent use of homemade mix tapes and compilation discs, leading the listener to expect specific sequences of songs in all situations.
I've played that disc so many times that I cannot hear Right Round without expecting to hear Poker Face immediately afterward. It gives me a weird feeling of DJ vu.
by Max C. Webster, III April 25, 2010
Deja vu, I have been in this place before
Higher on the streets
And I know it's my name to go home
by Mimikyu_12360 February 18, 2018
The feeling you get when you think you've seen something on TV before, but it turns out you haven't. Similar to Deja Vu.
Howard: I've seen this episode of Jersey Shore before! Damn re-runs! Wait, Snooki is acting like a whore? Unheard of! So maybe i havent seen this before!

Timmy: you've got a bad case of Teja Vu! Oh, and you talk to yourself a lot.
by polliander August 29, 2010
Looking at something/someone you're familiar with, but having a memory of it, and no recollection of it. Everyone you know is somehow a bit of a stranger, and everything is new - but at the same time, you know it's jamais vu. Extremely confusing, and frustrating.
by Old Ben March 19, 2005