mike: hey man i love riot games
eric: haha you're retarded, cy@
by zincry February 9, 2018
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An indie company who refuses to nerf the broken champions in their game called League of Legends. ( 75% or more of their champions are broken)
The worst company in the world goes to Riot Games because their balance team is always on some drugs when they decide to go another patch without nerfing akali's damage.
by iChains December 6, 2018
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a shitty company which cant fix their game
Instead of nerfing champions, they add stuff that does not even work

Camille is a fucking noob champ thx riot games
by N3croFair August 30, 2018
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Absolutely brain dead retards who are always on cocaine , meth and heroin.
Josh: League Of Legends is so great and riot games is really good.

Dave: You are a retard josh.

And josh never saw his dad again.

The End
by Herion addict 69 May 1, 2022
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Used to express disgust, anger, disappointment or sadness in any given situation, no matter how trivial or significant.
Friend: Damn dude I'm wearing socks and just stepped on a drop of water
Friend 2: fuck riot games


Friend: My girlfriend just broke up with me
Friend 2: fuck riot games


Friend: Bro I these chips just burned the roof of my mouth
Friend 2: fuck riot games
by Thatguy619 March 15, 2021
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That one British youtuber who tries his best do do a JFK (Clone High) accent, and makes gaming youtube videos so he gets mad simps he is also known for his cursed discord and his weird pick in friends.
Bob: Hey have you heard of Riot Gaming?

Sans Undertale: Heheheheeh yeah bro he has funny man voice and has British accent, I like his voice funny man!!!!!! (Omg Clone High refrence!!!!!!)
by NothingBadEverHappensToTheKenn September 20, 2020
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