Someones probably rubbing a loss in your face
You lost a game of mm2? LOL L BOZO
by hotter_than_u December 29, 2022
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It is something that is commonly said to people who are being utterly ridiculous and have lost match
L bozo stay mad
by Your kind dad March 11, 2022
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Written as "L bozo", it is in fact pronounced as "Elbow Zoe". It is randomly spoken during normal conversations, with no apparent reason.
Person 1: L bozo
Person 2: Where is Zoe?
Person 1: what
Person 2: How should I elbow them if I can't even find them?
by untaken pseudonym March 3, 2022
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Fatherless childs use this term it means ... I dont even know
Hey look at me im a fatherless peace of shit haha l bozo+yb better
by I just wanna know my gen November 26, 2021
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commonly used for bullying people on tiktok, youtube, or any other platform. This is cyberbullying and doesent appear as something bad but that person behind the screen is rude! Doing that only tells about themselves, as they deserve an L+ bozo + ratio
Hey kid take an L + bozo + ratio LMAO
by Cosmoere September 26, 2022
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