Someones probably rubbing a loss in your face
You lost a game of mm2? LOL L BOZO
by hotter_than_u December 29, 2022
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It is something that is commonly said to people who are being utterly ridiculous and have lost match
L bozo stay mad
by Your kind dad March 11, 2022
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Written as "L bozo", it is in fact pronounced as "Elbow Zoe". It is randomly spoken during normal conversations, with no apparent reason.
Person 1: L bozo
Person 2: Where is Zoe?
Person 1: what
Person 2: How should I elbow them if I can't even find them?
by untaken pseudonym March 3, 2022
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Fatherless childs use this term it means ... I dont even know
Hey look at me im a fatherless peace of shit haha l bozo+yb better
by I just wanna know my gen November 26, 2021
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