112 definitions by jaffaw

when you don't come once but come again
i was shagging this girl yesterday and after I had sex, I wasn't done so she experience the 2nd coming.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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when you are most likely ill and your ails are persistant
shatter persistant; when you absolutely positively must shit on everything in the bathroom
by jaffaw July 21, 2009
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in the same vein as a blow job, it's sex in any shape or form
the pornstar said I got a sex job
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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Wanker of the week is the guy who is most annoying, irritating of the week
That guy is such a Wanker, in fact he's the wanker of the week
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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what cums out when you have sex, can somethings refer to a business like sex transaction.
I met this girl and things were so boring having sex with her was like a meeting with an outcum at the end
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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describes how much hash is in the hash bank.
How's the hash-flow man, are we high?
by jaffaw July 12, 2009
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when you empty your balls so much you can't have sex again
I emptied myself, I was put into early decumission
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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