Something or someone that is so hot it could kill you
He was so volcanic, I couldn't speak
by Crissie Welch March 23, 2004
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it's from Pretty in Pink. Duckie says something like, 'Andy, may i say thats a volcanic ensemble' and she says volcanic?' and ducky says "ya know, hot, dangerous"
by Aosam October 29, 2003
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The act of blowing your load into a girl into your partner's asshole and having them put their legs behind their head and farting your splooge out in the air like a volcano.
Mindy decided that tonight was the night we were going to try the volcanal.
by cmiller4642 May 18, 2010
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1: Something of volcanic power.
2: describing volcano filtered water.
Alan: Raaaawr! What'cha doin' Mr. Volcano?
George: Hello, tyrannosaurus Alan! I'm filling my water with Volcanicity!
by 169pd March 17, 2008
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A volcanal is when you suddenly develop an uncontrollable bout of hot bubbly farts. This is usually the result of eating hot spicy food. They aren't loud but they stink to high heaven. It is pronounced volkaynal.
I was so embarrassed the other day. I was standing in a queue when I developed a volcanal. Everybody was looking at each other wondering who it was.
by pipesucker February 25, 2018
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A way to smoke marijuana and drink beer at the same time.
It's just like pulling a flood.
Instead of using water for the flood, you use beer.
1- Light the bowl while letting the beer flow out of the hole on the bottom area of the flood bottle.
2- Drink the beer.
3- After drinking all the beer, Hit the flood.
4- Congratulate yourself, because you just pulled a Volcanator.
Butch killed 3 hookers after giving them Mexican Avalanches, snorted coke off their cadavers, then pulled a Volcanator with a milk jug
by zanethebrave September 5, 2007
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