British term of endearment for someone who is sweet and innocent that you would like to have your wicked way with.
usually used as a greeting.
"Alright duckie, your looking lovely today"
by staste February 9, 2007
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Duckie from "pretty in pink". To Pull a duckie is to act like the duck man himself. Different, often called weird. A dork in some sense with a style to match. Doesn't care what others think, and will do whatever he/she pleases for a laugh.
David pulled a Total Duckie.
by FP August 7, 2004
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A word to describe a perfect girl who is absolutely beautiful.
Also means condom and a cutee as duck
Example One -yo i love duckie cus shes perfectt wit no doubt in the world
Example Two - man fuck i miss my duckie
Example Three - yo i need a duckie rightt noww
Example Four- damn yo that duckies cuteee
by momo no lies November 3, 2009
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A nerdy guy who many people shun, but once they get to know him, he is very loved.
He's just a duckie.
by buttered aglet January 27, 2010
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This term refers to the character in "Pretty in Pink," and is used to describe all those platonic friends that don't wish to be a platonic friend.

Just like the character in the movie it refers to all those guys (it's usually males but it can refer to females as well) you see hanging around one girl even after they've been rejected by them in the past. Simply because they don't have the balls to move on to look for someone else.

They settle with humility and cling to any ounce of affection that is thrown in their direction whether directly or by accident.
Charlie is my little Duckie, last night was me and my boyfriends three month anniversary and Charlie was kind enough to follow us around town taking pictures of the two of us.

He is such a sweetheart, I hope he finds his special someone some
by raymk May 8, 2009
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Duckie, A word to describe a perfect girl who is absolutely beautiful. She is caring a trustworthy. She also has great taste in music and fashion.

Duckie also loses 10hp when she gets confused
Duckie <3 Memphis
by ohaimynameisyanniie June 8, 2010
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Another word for condom.

A thin sheath, usually of very thin rubber, worn over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent conception or sexually transmitted disease.
by Ladii Haze June 17, 2008
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