NOT actually the plural of virus. It is latin for men. The plural of virus is viruses. Anyone who says otherwise is a flaming faggot.

by Big Pimp Daddy May 08, 2004
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What an unprotected windows-based computer will have within 35 seconds of connecting to the internet.
I just installed Windows XP, and before I could even update I got a virus.
by Scarab November 30, 2004
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One of the worst things a computer can get. Usually caused by downloading junk. It'll email your grandmother all of your porn. It's going to make your computer screen freeze. It'll invest your cash in stock to Euro Disney. It can also do many other things. Remember to also not open any emails with the subject "stinky cheese".
"Virus alert! Delete immediately before someone gets hurt! Forward this message on to everybody!"
by Nodog438 February 21, 2014
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Viri is a Hard working beautiful girl! Only Viri can make a frumpy Blue work uniform look like it came off a run way in Milan! A great person to have as a BFF, will be loyal to friends, SOs and also has amazing taste in music.
Viri is so cool! She will drive 2 busses into your acne infested friend who stole your bf! She's the best friend!
by Jane Paige December 09, 2018
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a medical euphemism meaning "we don't know what the fuck you have" and/or "we're too lazy to find out"
Patient: "I've been running a 104-degree fever for six days. I'm throwing up, coughing up green gunk, and I can't take it anymore. Give me some meds!"

Doctor: "Hmmm... it sounds like a virus. Go home, take some Nyquil and Pepto and come back and see us next week if you're still having symptoms. Don't forget to pay your copay on the way out."
by dufininwurdz May 05, 2014
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