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E. coli (full name Escherichia coli) is a gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium. Contrary to popular belief, most strains of E. coli are harmless or even beneficial: many strains aid in our digestion. However, E. coli has gained a bad reputation from strain O157:H7, which can be present in hamburgers and occasionally causes severe disease.
I am happy to have many strains of Escherichia coli in my stomach right now, but I'd like to avoid E. coli O157:H7.
by Bacteria101 November 07, 2010
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A bacillus (Escherichia coli) found in an animals intestine. Lives in uncooked meat and unpasterized milk and ice cream, unwashed vegtables.Full name Escherichia Coli O157:H7.
The current breakout of E. Coli in spinach has caused over 60 people to get it
by Eric Aberbook September 22, 2006
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A gram negative rod-shaped bacteria that's a fecal contaminate. Also returns pornographic search results in Google.
That E Coli comes from poop.
by MrBlack13589 November 13, 2010
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A luke-warmblooded mammal, whose natural habitat is any environment within closer range of a CRT monitor or keyboard. Its diet is composed primarily of highly caffeinated and/or alcoholic liquids. Occasionally sighted on efnet, very little physical evidence of it exists. Anthropologists have debated the existence of "ecoli" for years.

see syn. at unix nerd, perlboy, ninja
<ecoli> omg stfu! rtfm, ffs.
by charlie root February 05, 2003
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