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See shit.
The cat took a Windows ME on the floor.
by Spork August 29, 2003

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The main screen of Windows.
Windows has been running for 2 minutes now. We can thusly expect a Blue Screen Of Death right about... now.
by Spork August 27, 2003

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And on the 8th day, God decided that Adam and Eve needed a multipurpose silverware item. Thus, the spork, a combination of the prongede wrath of the fork and the carrying capacity of the spoon. Sporks are thought to be the most holiest of silverware. They are the only ones possible of freeing us from the evil clutches of the finger foods. There only weakness is that they can't stay outside after 12:00 on the night of the summer solstice.
Spork, God's true gift to men.
by Spork April 16, 2005

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Either an expression of frustration, or an expression of suprise. It all depends on the tone of voice.
Gah! I hate french tests! Or... Gah??? I failed another french test?
by SPORK October 27, 2003

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Someone from Guam.
'Yo, Guamolian, you're Guamish, right?'
'No, Chamorro, idoit.'
by Spork April 06, 2004

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The best damn video game music composer. Period.
The music of Zelda was written by Koji Kondo.
by Spork August 27, 2003

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an awesome game that, in my opinion, is pretty damn good. Virtua fighter is cool too. And virtua fighter was here first. But soul calibur 2 is better than the first one.
Soul Calibur is cool. Voldo is creepy.
by SPORK September 06, 2003

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