Lo ngapain di WC lama bangat?! Oh, lo lagi coli ya! (What are you doing so long in the toilet? Oh, you're masturbating!
by Appareson September 3, 2018
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A word to call a friend.

Hey coli, how's it going?

Throw me a drink will ya coli.
coli brother cuz man dude bala soley friend
by cally swag diet October 13, 2013
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adj; To be constantly full of speeling mistarks and grammer, errors,.!

n1: To have a legitimate reason for being cute and adorable. cute

To have the love of one fine lady Sam
n1: 'God that woman is one Hot Colie'
by Sam March 29, 2004
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A name for a true savage who lives his live based on his morals. Usually people with the name Colis are fit as well
Colis, my son, you are amazing
by YoungSavage2016 March 31, 2016
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only the hottest guy around! man he is one sexy beast, not too mention funny and sweet! and one cute smile. absolutly dreamy. WOO!
damn colie is so F-ing HOTTTTTT!!!!!
he so CUTE!!!!!
by babe November 12, 2004
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niCOLIE.. heehee an awesome figure skating chickatee hahaha country ya right... well she tries to be! sprial like sasha haha amazing friend for over 5 years.. LOVE YA COLIE!
by : D July 24, 2004
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