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a baseball heckle used by fans of the pitcher against a batter who has just struck out

"Left! Right! Left! Right! ..." (for each step of the batter as he walks back to the dugout)

Followed by a "Step!" for each step of the dugout that the batter must walk down, and then a "Sit Down!" when the steps are completed

This heckle is also used at basketball games when an opposing player fouls out

Modern origins: West Palm Beach Expos, University of Florida Baseball
Ump: "Strike 3!"
Fans marching the batter back to the dugout give the left-right heckle: "Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!...Step! Step! Step!...Sit Down!"
by Victor Cromwell January 10, 2010
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