A person who attends a lot of christenings of a sexual nature.
I christened her car last night I'm am the vicar
by Claude Benitez March 10, 2007
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that which is experienced vicariously.
I don't even have to leave the house anymore. I get my vicarity on the Internet.
by Chrome Toaster January 23, 2009
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Substitute word people use when explaining a situation where you really did something dumb.
CJ: I can't believe you pulled a vicars last night.
Parris: Yeah i don't know what i was thinking sucking a dick to get a ride.
by blizard29 May 08, 2009
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To whack off with both hands at once, as though furiously and purposefully strangling an authority figure who had it coming.
“Hey Wilmer, I was bingewatching old school Pamela Anderson before my mom walked in my room.”

“Did she catch you in the act.”

“Yeah I was fixing to throttle the vicar pretty good, he was just about to confess.”

“Sounds like you almost punched your way into heaven, maybe next time your mom will knock.”
by rostropr0nbitch December 18, 2018
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engage in a sex act usually between two men, which usually involves rectal penetration by the partner's penis,or tongue(the latter more commonly termed "rimming")though broadly any sex act which involves two, or more individuals in some form of anal manipulation would be loosely correct usage; as will many of these terms there are no hard-and-fast rules governing usage
Roman was very much wished to sing to the vicar with his new friend Edgar, though he was not sure yet that they would be using the same hymn sheet
by flobberdobber July 07, 2006
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