When your body experiences uncontrollable shaking after being sexually satisfied.

Can last for hours.
More intense upon initiation of engaging in intercourse again.
Girl the sex was awesome and I still feel you still vibrating.
by jesRika March 15, 2016
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When you have your cell and recieve a message or call, and you have to announce that you have received said message or call.
I'm vibrating
My phone's vibrating
by Kayla Schmidt December 16, 2008
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1. A word that became popular in the 80's throughout Midwestern rollerskate groups as an alternative to Wicked, Swicked or Cool.

Recently the word has made a huge comeback with tech-savvy youths throughout high-schools and colleges North America to describe something that is incredible.

2. describing a vibrating function on a cell phone

1."That ass is vibratin'!"

"Man, did you watch Entourage last night?? haha shit was vibratin'!"

"Those kicks are vibratin', where'd you buy 'em?"

2. "Hold up, my cell phone is vibrating."
by Dr-G October 24, 2008
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A little device that women inswrt inside their pussies which makes them have extreme pleasure.
I was walking past Alex the other day and she started moaning, when I asked her what was wrong she pulled me into the nearest bathroom and asked me to help her before I did I asked her why she was moaning in the hallway and she said that her friend dared her to have a remote controlled vibrator on for the whole day and she had spiked it to highest level. She then proceeded to take the vibrator out and when she did, she managed to squirt all over my shirt. She apologised over me a clean shirt and offered to make it up to me later and as anyone would I agreed.
by Ember grace September 16, 2019
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Typically a(females) or possibly a males, vibrating sex toy, more specifically a dildo that vibrates as it enters the anal cavity or vaginal passage.
Jake: yeah man i stole my girls vibrator and put it up there, it was amazing!!
Brad: i'm leaving now
by Whiteteacher September 26, 2015
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The act of spamming your girl, making her phone a vibrator. Spamming till you make her cum from a distance.
Hot girl (1) to her even hotter friend(2) : "This quarantaine must be hard for you without Jack's dick."
(2) to (1): "No, he still pleasures me nearly every day with The Vibrator"
by Autistic ginger April 8, 2020
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