To summarily dismiss a suggestion of something to do/eat/listen to/etc. Ususally used when the suggestion is distateful to the vetoer.
Yeah, I'm going to have to veto the Britney Spears.
by The Grammar Nazi November 16, 2001
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a harsh way to say NO or a way to reject harshly by implementing NO
guy1: hey check out that gurl son
guy2: VETO !!!

guy: hey cutie wanna go c a movie or sumthin?
gurl: veto get outta ma face
by tonydelaghetto June 21, 2009
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An angry movement toward a thing or style of extra, bad or dirty. Usually, veto, is used by word take+ a, at before of it.
But I was and my victory about taking a veto form alone Tim, that: That much he,s been kept in silence, I kissed him as fast as he opened his door, and he had become happy...Ooh! I was very satisfied one next!!!
by man!? May 16, 2017
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when your friends are refusing to full send and go out that night so you call a veto. The veto means you HAVE to go out or be permanently shamed for the rest of your life, as well as lose your veto privileges in the future.
"yeah I got vetoed last night and blacked out"

"showed up to class this morning drunk, it was a rough veto"

"It was a veto, I had to go out"
by canadasbiggestpartyschool March 28, 2019
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To bring embarassment to, or show ones superiority of
after a burn, or physical embarassment of a friend one would say "Veto"
by Michael Eden June 13, 2007
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The act of vetoing a map on Halo 3 when the timer is at zero seconds. Originally coined by Proto and Travitch.
Dude high ground sucks, stealth veto.
by dallas green January 4, 2008
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When for once, the boyfriend gets the final say on a subject matter, as opposed to the girl getting whatever she wants.
Hey Suzy, I am going to have to boyfriend veto that idea, it's a bad one.
by iamschoices June 23, 2010
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