"yo we going to the club tonight?"
"full send baby!!!!"
by anakardashian November 30, 2017
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just do it bitch cause life is short. like we don’t have time to think about what we r gonna do cause then it’s gonna be to late. if u know it’s gonna be a good thing fuck the rest of it and have fun cause that’s what we r here for.
“that guy is so hot ahhh” girl 1
go up to him and kiss him” girl 2
what the fuck no” girl 1
“full send hoe u only live once” girl 2
by cait man August 28, 2018
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the phrase “full send” means to play 100 percent aggressively and to charge full force toward the enemy players. Fortnite gamers and many popular streamers will use the phrase full send to tell teammates to go in for the kill or to communicate that they are pushing the enemy.
Im gonna full send on this kid . i dont care i so want to beat him
by Halo Loula January 3, 2021
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when you shotgun a soda as fast as you can
lanny, jordan, wyatt, and jesse are gonna full send one for the boys
by spicy rice 69 June 6, 2019
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An action where the consequences are not thought through. A Full Sender gives no fucks about what might happen after the Send, as long as the Send is hype and there are cameras rolling.
Jesse and Kyle really know how to Full Send, aye?
by RonaBoii July 16, 2018
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When you are about have the gnarliest of nights
Kyle what’s the forecast looking like?
Full Send baby lets go! -NELK
by _GriffGriff October 28, 2017
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V. 100% commitment to doing some heinous shit. Commonly used among skiiers/snowboarders.
I'm about to hit this cliff full send bro. Is the camera rolling?
by NastyGringo April 8, 2017
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