aka a womans private area, also known as gash...
bro, tell your mum to wear pants in future, goddamit i could see her vertical bacon
by G-Pac June 21, 2005
yo that vertical bacon is some salty shit man nar mean
by hmmm bean March 11, 2009
A vagina most likely resembling a smelly, overworked, gross, slutty, gaping tunnel
by ariesisapussy June 16, 2011
A vagina where the lips are so big and flabby they stick out of the bottom like bacon falling out of a vertical bacon sandwich.
Did you go down on that chick?

No, I was going to but i thought it would be like eating a vertical bacon sandwich.
by Muivirt August 30, 2006
axe wound; pussy; muff; cunt; vag; moot; box; vagina; snatch; hairy taco; taco; poon; penis reciever; poontang; poonani; mick; anything and everything that is the female genitalia
I added some home made mayo to the best vertical bacon sandwich i have ever had last night
by poonfag October 14, 2009
refering to a womans vagina, camel toe, or beef curtians. the pussy lips just all chillin
that girl amber has the tastiest vertical bacon sandwich i have ever had the pleasure of eatin for hours
by Tommygunz45k May 3, 2007