(Ireland) very, very drunk
After three naggins of vodka I was mouldy.
by gp April 25, 2005
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1.Big mad sick yoke
2.Absolutley Disgusting
3.Manky or Minging
by dandiver May 7, 2004
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Irish slang meaning getting absolutely off your face drunk, usually while Knacker drinking (on the nac)
Friend: Did you pull that beure last night?
Me: No she was too moudly, she started getting sick everywhere!

Friend: Are we heading to a pub tonight?
Underage Friend: No fuck that we'll go on the nac and get mouldy on the lush instead!
by IrishGuru March 20, 2015
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The Monday after a weekend amphetamine bender. Spending the day hot, moist and mostly stationary. Feeling like that crust that's been in the bread bin way longer than it should have been.
Man: I feel like shit...
Man2: Been on the phet again?
Man: Yep... Mouldy Monday as usual.
by ToastedTeaCake May 14, 2016
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The state of ones penis after a heavy bout of profuse masturbation.

The times when you need to wank but simply cannot climax. You are in the state of perpetual soft-on. Excessive masturbation can lead to a grimy, chapped and bruised penis. Once in this state it is said to resemble an out of date raw pork sausage.

Wanking more than 10 times a day can almost certainly lead to a mouldy sausage.

Steve's in the back room giving himself a mouldy sausage.

by Steve Cee. March 31, 2007
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a mouldy berry is a love bite but on a mans nut
i heard she gave him a mouldy berry
by criticalmuffins February 17, 2015
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Someone who has never seen the TV show The Wire.
Person 1: Im so fucking drunk.

Person 2: Whatever you say McNulty.

Person 1: Who the fuck is McNulty?

Person 2: Shut the fuck up you mouldy turd.
by Actual Ltd. January 20, 2023
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