Something a crazy vegan woman also known as Thatveganteacher made up.
John: I'm going to go enjoy McDonald's with my family.
John: Shut the fuck up
by TheNamesNebula November 27, 2020
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Another useless term that exists solely for Vegans to portray themselves as victims, in order to garner unwarranted, unearned societal power over meat-eaters, who just want to be left alone by the insufferable moral-busybodies.

The current political discourse involves portraying yourself as the victim while demonising your opposition BAMN, hence the new trend of incorrectly adding the suffix "Phobia," At the end of any word that describes any group of people that seek change.
HanSoylo: I was at my Vegan protest earlier and the carnivores just laughed at me as I derided them for being murderers, it's so unfair.
BenSoylo: Did you tell them about the cow farts?

HanSoylo: Yes, of course. They laughed at me. :'(
BenSoylo: We need a term to describe these people and give us undue power at the same time... But what?
Both Soy Boys: "VEGANPHOBIA,"

HanSoylo: It is THE only thing that makes sense and it is trendy too, we'll show those veganphobes not to mess with us.
BenSoylo: I'll get Veganphobia trending on Twitter, pass me my phone.
BobSoylo: I'd love to, SoyBen but I don't have the strength.
BenSoylo: Yeah, me either. I think perhaps our bodies suffer from veganphobia too.
by Starbug 1 January 1, 2020
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Someone who is scared of or hates vegans, especially ThatVeganTeacher
Thanks Ms. Kadie, you want to make more people vegan but you're giving them veganphobia instead.
by April 22, 2021
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a person who is prejudiced against vegans
The way you are always putting vegans down you must suffer from veganphobia !
by F.U.HERO March 1, 2016
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When you are against That Vegan Teacher.

A term used by Ms. Kadie (That Vegan Teacher).
Someone: "I don't want to be vegan"
Ms. Kadie: "Stop being a veganphobic, animal-bullying meathead. Veganphobia is like racism and sexism, it is wrong!"
by ihfsdihaoifd August 14, 2021
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A term used by the @thatveganteacher, a person who is well know on tik tok, although she is currently banned. Meaning to discriminate against vegans.
"is veganphobia a real word"
"I don't really know"
by 3662i1i3u3y388836378qjehruu3ie February 25, 2021
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An excuse for That Vegan Teacher to claim that meat eaters are scared of vegans.
You idiots all have Veganphobia.
by Pusheen_ July 6, 2021
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