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When there's a Karen (or a facebook mom) who is being really annoying on a different social media platform (e.g. twitter), and should just go back to Facebook. It's used when people are really annoying. It's basically a way of saying "Go back to where you came from", but more respectfully, and less racist.
Karen: "Stop doing something, do something else."
A great human being: "Go back to Facebook!"
by ihfsdihaoifd September 21, 2021
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In order to see how the word "EA" is used in a sentence, please buy the $19.99/mo urban dictionary dlc pack, or the $99.99/mo urban dictionary value pack.
by ihfsdihaoifd September 25, 2021
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You probably came here by trying to go to urbandictionary.com/index.php, it doesn't work like that, bud.

for the ppl who don't know, index.html/index.php is basically the default page of the site, and is preferred over default.php and all the other alternatives.
script kiddie: lololol ill break urban dictionary by going to urbandictionary.com/index.php xd
urban dictionary: *redirects to define?term=index.php*
by ihfsdihaoifd November 6, 2021
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on the first saturday of december, it is crate day. on crate day, your task is to drink a whole crate of twelve 745 ml beer bottles from 12pm to 12am. it is a phenomenon only occurring in New Zealand since 2009.
>hey mate, you ready for crate day?
>hell yeah
by ihfsdihaoifd April 19, 2023
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dont add nocopyrightsounds songs to your videos without copying the whole entire description and pasting it 10 times in a row
by ihfsdihaoifd September 25, 2021
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another way of saying "best", usually in a sarcastic or mocking tone.
america bast!!!
by ihfsdihaoifd January 9, 2023
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people who use sheep as their sexual partner.
> oi, matt, stop shagging the sheep, you crazy sheepshagger
> but im australian, it's kinda our thing
by ihfsdihaoifd April 19, 2023
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