A lesser spotted psychopathic karen who is failing miserably to try and get people to be vegan. Her logic is if a dog can be vegan, humans can too. The psychopath bit expands here because she forces her dog to be vegan #savebellathedog
1. My family is vegan because of thatveganteacher
2. Oh seriously mate, you listening to a psychopath? She legit forces her dog to be vegan?
1. Fair point bro, I'm not going vegan, #savebellathedog
by FGWigglercat September 6, 2020
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That stupid vegan old lady on TikTok that forces people to be vegans. We curse her but yep still trying!
1What you hate on TikTok/Douyin (As Chinese would say)?
1 Oh shit... Why did you reminded me her?
by Itsyoboimilo July 27, 2020
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a woman that's in her like 50's and on tiktok compares everything to veganium also has a seperate account called that vegan nurse where she pretend to be totally separate person just in total she need to shut the fuck up
person 1: hey have you heard about thatveganteacher
person 2: oh that bitch
by unlistedcali October 29, 2020
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a teacher thats vegan that appears in social media who convinces people to go vegan and sings in non vegan restaurants she uses weird hashtags like #BeVeganFromNowOn and she attacks meat eaters and farmers for abusing animals. She has said bad things like "If you dont go vegan you will go to hell" and made a long video explaining why going vegeterian isint good enough and vegan is better. She made up a holiday called Vegan Declereation Day or VDD were she honor how good it is to be vegan. she says every day is VDD she just cant make 1 day out of all 365 days in a year to have VDD or #VeganDeclerationDay and by all the bad things she has done this makes her a Karen. she can be found on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube
Ramdom guy: hey, thatveganteacher just sung at a kfc
by asdfhi September 28, 2020
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person1:thatveganteacher IS AMAZING
person1:oh yeah*pulls out phone and calls someone* hello? is this the insane asylum?
by jai_jacman September 1, 2021
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person: who’s that vegan teacher?
TikTok: a bitch.

thatveganteacher is a person on tiktok who compares the killing of animals to racism and homophobia.
by nobodytoyou January 4, 2021
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a bitch who is: racist,homophobic,annoying,stupid,karen,and mentally unstable
hey man did you hear thatveganteacher got banned from tik tok
by October 1, 2021
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