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An abbreviation for Version Control System. Examples include git, hg, svn, and cvs.
My former employer was a mess. They didn't even use a VCS. It was all developer laptops and FTP servers.
by NotThatBruno November 03, 2016
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Vice City Stories. believed to feature the triumphant return of my favorite vehicle the fortex!!!!!!!!!
vcs wat if its only on a mission and the player isnt supposed to get it though and can only be stolen from the guy usi ng it?

by Vicetor Vance August 24, 2006
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Shorthand for Vaginal Cacti Syndrome, the state of mind in which a woman acts as though their is a rough, rather uncomfortable plant in their vagina.
"Man, that bitch is suffering from VCS, must be a prickly-pear up there."
by TLB89 September 02, 2007
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to give oral sex or general sexual favors to a powerful authority figure, with the ultimate aim of helping the environment (or any liberal cause)
"dude i heard you VCS'ed Jim Douglas?"
"ah yea i had to eat out governor douglas so he would sign the bill to ban the tire burning in ticonderoga. but hey he supported the electrostatic scrubbers so now we have clean air. fuck you dumb new yorkers"
" you environmentalist make me sick. if you feel passionate bout something, get some guns and shoot people like real americans... crazy liberals."
by true words from vt life November 26, 2005
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1)to smoke ganja instead of doing one's homework.
2)to get high as a mexican and start crazy political shit
3)starting a revolution while under the influence of weed
"student" 1: kristy, VCS that shit let's go to the party
"student" 2: okay brad good idea. damn this is dank chron
"student" 3: guys stop chatting and lets start a utopian revolution. pass that bong. lets go kill cops now.
all aforementioned "students: seriously fuck authority!
"student" 1: hold up let me just do a few lines of this organic meth.
by im high nigggaaa November 26, 2005
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Short for Video Computer System, a videogame console released by Atari in 1976. It was named that way until it was renamed into Atari 2600 after the Atari 5200 and to avoid confusion between Fairchild's Video Entertainment System.
Have you played VCS today?
via giphy
by IndogamersPro May 31, 2018
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