NBA 2K is a game that is pay to win where you have to buy vc every second because the cracked build that you probably have gets taken away in like a month and all the trash builds get buffed and it is also where the cheesy centers with the annoying alien face creations just post up and post hook all the time also it is where cheesy point guards do their annoying left to right move and green up every second. In addition it is also where Ronnie2k (a lazy bastard) cant be asked to change a park for two years because his brain dont function well and doesnt like to make differences he has only changed 2k21 park for current gen because of all the hate he gets
Yo brodi wanna play some NBA 2K
Nah bro im good dont wanna get raped by ronnie still wanna stay pure dude
Uh sure dude why not
I reccommend you dont play it before you lose all your money in your visa card ;)
by jkz capalot August 31, 2020
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a game you rage act when you

B: Get Crossed
C: Getting Exposed by the cheese
D: All of the above
loses the gameman fuck this shitty game, fuck you Ronnie . NBA 2k is ass b
by bhfsfhfg September 9, 2017
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That OddSupaSavage and El-Fendi__ guy is a God in NBA 2k
by 2k’sFinest June 12, 2019
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