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Tamarah is a fake friend. She thinks she’s the queen and runs the place but she doesn’t. She bossy. And always get herself in some stuff. She makes you do things. And when people stands up to her she feels salty. When you run into a Tamarah runnnn
Oh no that’s a Tamarah runn
by Knife July 19, 2017
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Used to discribe any food that weed is an ingredient of
by Knife May 16, 2003
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short for vietcong, guerilla fighting force working against the us army and s vietnam army in the vietnam war. also known as vietminh, it was established by Ho Chi minh.
Pointman: VC ova der!
VC: chut ni, bla bla saigon tri! etc etc
US soldier 1: fooking gooks!
by Knife March 24, 2004
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