A discord bot is a user account made for scripts to chat in discord; Using a normal account with scripts is against the discord tos but it can be done.

Many bots were made, like Mee6, Mee5, Rythm and Notsobot.
Member: Hey, can you add the discord bot Mee5?
Mod: No.
by Oder destroyer August 27, 2020
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Bots for a chatting service known as Discord, often either banning people you can ban yourself or post memes where unnecessary.

Discord often has bots which have an Urban Dictionary command which shows a definition from Urban Dictionary...
- So if this text actually appears red, you're welcome for being a 4th wall destroyer.```
Guy - What did you do yesterday?
Guy2 - Waste my time making a shitty urban dictionary definition that might not even make sense.
Guy - Cool, I wasted my time talking to you.
Mee6 - **Guy** person left because they suck ass, fuck you **Guy!**
Guy2 - Knew it was a good idea to add that discord bot!
by Diamond Koopa January 16, 2018
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Reginald is a discord bot who would speak up to people.
Often times, Reginald would be the best Discord Bot ever.
He will chat with you when typing "Reginald"

He has this quote which once read out: "QARe"
It was such wise words of him to use.
by LePost James September 26, 2020
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A software to create bots for the chat platform Discord. Also known as DMB or DBM.
Known errors:
"There was an error"
"FFMPEG not found"
The Discord Bot Maker Beta includes a music function which includes the errors above.
See also: Meteodros and Lasse (Moderators)
I have been banned from Discord Bot Maker because I cracked the software!
by LasseCorp July 30, 2018
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Discord is a popular platform for communication and entertainment, enabling users to connect and engage.

However, excessive use of Vexera's "+urban" command poses concerns.

Spamming it floods channels, interrupting conversations and hindering meaningful discussions.

Irrelevant definitions cause confusion and frustration, overwhelming users.

Inappropriate or offensive content from user-generated definitions can create an uncomfortable or unsafe environment.

Moreover, constant spam strains the bot's resources, causing lag and disruptions.

This behavior reduces productivity, distracts from server activities, and prevents others from benefiting from the bot's features.

Discord offers various channels for engaging discussions and knowledge sharing.

Encouraging users to explore these channels enhances the platform's value and sense of community.

Educating users about the consequences fosters respect and a more enjoyable environment.

Discouraging "+urban" spam maintains respect, prevents disruptions, protects users, and fosters meaningful interactions.

Let's create a responsible culture for an enjoyable Discord experience.
person 1: +urban 9/11
person 1: +urban 9/11
person 1: +urban 9/11
person 1: +urban 9/11
person 1: sorry i will stop
by thestonebone June 17, 2023
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on this day (april 3rd) usage of moderation-based discord bots is strictly forbidden. Usage of non-moderation bots however is still allowed.
mod: d!warn @user

bot: user has been warned

user: its discord anti bot day you cant do that

mod: oh right
by Hehe I cheated March 29, 2021
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December the 11th is Discord Bot Manager Day.
On this date all Discord Bot Managers are allowed to permanent ban all people for the month so that they can have a nice nice and relaxed month of no spams in DM's about broken discord bots.
Man, Discord Bot Manager Day is in a few days and I cant wait to ban everyone for a month!
by DiscordBotManager December 10, 2020
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