voice chat/channel, popularised by discord. a "vc" is a normal chat - just with people able to talk with their microphone, or listen to music with a discord bot.
Jeff: "guys hop into vc"
Bob: "okay"
Bob: "jeff wtf did you just say"
Jeff: "wait is my mic bad"
by dsnwdvik2mngl4;g September 8, 2018
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short for vietcong, guerilla fighting force working against the us army and s vietnam army in the vietnam war. also known as vietminh, it was established by Ho Chi minh.
Pointman: VC ova der!
VC: chut ni, bla bla saigon tri! etc etc
US soldier 1: fooking gooks!
by Knife March 24, 2004
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voice chat or video chat, I've seen it both ways
Me: ugh, I'm sick of typing
Bae: hey wanna vc???😘
by j‌k June 23, 2018
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Venture Capitalists; As lovingly abbreviated by the supposedly internet savvy generation.
"YouTube has too many VC's to be bought, it's just not a sound investment".
by Chwisdeen June 14, 2006
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Abbreviation for Van Cleef, which refers to The Deadmines; a starting instance in the game World of Warcraft. Some consider it noob hell. Not to be confused with Dire Maul (DM), which is for more expierienced players.
1. "WILL SUm1 PLZ RUN ME THREW vC PLS?!!!!? THX" - Johnnynub

2. "Looking for 2 more - VC" - Calmplayer
by William Cosby September 2, 2006
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vc: video creator people use it for dubsmashes sometimes
vc @ the person how made the dance or video and if they got a # put they. #
by utensv August 13, 2019
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short for viet cong
vietnamese people from south vietnam, the more tougher and realest gangstas of the vietnamese race. also can be refered to as nammers. If you are vietnamese you can tell these guys apart from the north vietnamese by listening to the way they talk. they ususally speak some words incorrectly and use mroe slang as well as swear more.
Look At That VC Chop dat white boy up
by VC_BOY April 12, 2005
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