Clarkson University is a private school located in rural Potsdam, NY.

Characterized mostly by pompous frat boys and rich nerds born with a silver spoon up their ass that have never/will never actually work for anything in their life, Clarkson University is mostly a big sausage fest. The average Clarkson kid is usually found walking up Market Street in groups of 5 or more dudes averaging 6'5 wearing polo shirts and sandals, attempting to impress one another by talking shit to smaller groups of more modest middle class individuals, and spending their parents money at the 3 local college bars before stumbling across the street in front of a moving vehicle towards the nearest shitty pizza shop/frat house.

The typical choice for any wealthy young yuppie who is frustrated that they just couldnt get accepted to an actual Ivy League school.
I joined a fraternity at Clarkson, now I pay money to have friends, and we get to rank each other too!
by Golden Shower Knight March 31, 2009
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Someone who loves cars more than people. A metal head. An arrogant person. Selfish driver - a lawbreaker. Derived from UK TV personality.Someone who has a small penis and a big car.
He's a bit of Clarkson,
He has all the charm of Clarkson,
He is a tosser, like Clarkson,
He is driving like Clarkson,
His cock is as small as Clarkson.
by Ray Harrington-Vail May 24, 2007
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