¹One big noisy thing with pubes for hair

²An infantile pillock! That needs to tidy up a mess he has advertently caused.

³An insufferable oaf!

⁴A male human that resembles an Orangutan
by TedCourse April 28, 2020
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An erection at an inconvenient time.
Adrianne: Look Dixie, Matt has a Clarkson.
by dixie&adrii March 26, 2010
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I had a bit of a clarkson with the guy at the shop about the prices.
by Wordella73 March 26, 2015
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What the fuck are you doing, you fucking CLARKSON cunt.

Fuck me your a Clarkson, my fucking brother is retarded
by DADDYLEGS90 February 14, 2022
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Clarkson University is a private school located in rural Potsdam, NY.

Characterized mostly by pompous frat boys and rich nerds born with a silver spoon up their ass that have never/will never actually work for anything in their life, Clarkson University is mostly a big sausage fest. The average Clarkson kid is usually found walking up Market Street in groups of 5 or more dudes averaging 6'5 wearing polo shirts and sandals, attempting to impress one another by talking shit to smaller groups of more modest middle class individuals, and spending their parents money at the 3 local college bars before stumbling across the street in front of a moving vehicle towards the nearest shitty pizza shop/frat house.

The typical choice for any wealthy young yuppie who is frustrated that they just couldnt get accepted to an actual Ivy League school.
I joined a fraternity at Clarkson, now I pay money to have friends, and we get to rank each other too!
by Golden Shower Knight March 31, 2009
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A great man who has the best opinions and an amazing way of saying things with a huge amount of metaphors, is firmly against going slower than 120mph and speed cameras, once had his own chat show called Clarkson but was recieved too much hate mail for the sheer amount of abuse he spewed.
Talking to a Spanish guy "well you're just bone idle really aren't you" not just that Spanish guy the whole of Spain...genius
by Stutley February 24, 2005
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when a female celebrity actually looks healthy and does not look like a freaking skeleton, so everybody thinks she's fat
I can't believe Whitney from America's Next Top Model is considered plus sized. She's totally being Kelly Clarksoned.
by ilovekelly75 August 30, 2009
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