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A kick-ass sport that combines Gymnastic and Dance on horseback. Yes, two of the most dangerous sports in the world (horses and gymnastics, not dance). It takes much more strength and flexibility than throwing a ball around. Thats why everyone goes 'WOW!' when you tell them what it is.
*vaulter doing an arabesque on a cantering horse.*

person: ... *wets himself with excitement*

vaulting is sweet
by suketa August 04, 2006
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When you and a bunch of your friends get in a big circle, everyone has a vault in their hands. Everyone shakes up their vault. Someone yells vault and everyone througs up their vault really high, catches it, opens it, and chugs it. When you finish you through down your empty can and shout out a deep, manly yell. The first one to finish wins. Barfing is possible but rare.
Dude, I'm still feeling it from when were vaulting last night.
by 661republican February 02, 2009
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