Term used in service and retail industries, meaning to connect a service or additional product to a product at no immediate cost to the buyer.

This cost is often included (read: hidden) in the base price, but is called out to make the customer feel as though they are getting more than they paid for.
The Local IT shop sells Dell computers at a markup, with the added value of onsite 24/7 service, phone support, and installation.

When you buy a "Set it and forget it," each of the "bonus gifts" you get, the apple slicer, the pairing knife, the butter churner, is a value add.
by Eric Skiff June 7, 2004
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A business euphemism for "the reason I'd like you to think I'm useful."
My value add on this project is to leverage best-known-methods (BKMs) to focus on strategies leveraging core competencies moving forward synergistically to achieve our mutual business objectives.
by James Awkwards June 7, 2004
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Just like the words say, refers to somebody or something, who added or in the process of adding more value to the system.
Its predominantly used in corporate world, where they say this guy adds value to our organization, when they are really really happy to hire him.
Joe is value addition to 'Full House'.
by theza June 9, 2004
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In lean manufacturing, a process can be classified as value-added or non-value-added based on what it does to the part. Value-Added makes the part worth more, non-value-added is a "waste" of resources.
Polishing a part never seen by a consumer is not value-added.
by Kyle June 7, 2004
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To make a judgement about an object's inherent worth, true or not.
In linguistics, a value-added judgement is to say that some languages are better than others, or that some are more beautiful than others. (Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.)
by Linguistic Larry June 7, 2004
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Something that white-trash walmart shoppers get a boner for.
"I fucked my sheep while looking at the value adds."
by AFIfan June 8, 2004
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the "at the end of the day" benefit that a person brings to the table. the features that a person contributes that makes a situation mo' betta.
pete's not value add, he just decorates the bar . . . he's tres annoying cuz he just stands there and nods his head.
by Kwistin March 23, 2005
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